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Fresco QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsHow do I get a Free Fresco Painting Consultation?
frescovideos Staff asked 1 year ago

How do I get a Free Fresco Painting Consultation with the fresco expert from the Fresco School and a discount for the fresco painting materials?

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frescovideos Staff answered 1 year ago

Each purchase of the Full Set of Buon Fresco Foundations Video Tutorials comes with free 1 hour professional fresco technique consultation with the fresco expert from the Fresco School. Please follow steps outlined below to request your FREE fresco painting technique consultation and receive permanent 5% discount on all fresco painting materials at

Steps To Get Free Fresco Consultation and discount at

1 – Purchase full BFF Video Tutorials set (5 volumes)

2 – Watch every video in sequence (or random, its up to you)

3 – Take notes of what you would like to learn in addition to what is in the tutorial

4 – Watch the whole set and check your notes – chances are you will find that answers to some questions are there, you just missed them on the first run. If you want to get a better value from the consultation, repeat steps 2 to 4 🙂

5 – Head on to and create an account – use the same name/email you used to purchase the BFF Tutorials Set. Apply to join “BFF Tutorials Owners” Group – while logged in go to My Account –> Profile Details –> User Groups.

6 – Get materials you need (if any) and paint a few practice frescoes.

7 – Organize your notes and questions again.

8 – Email us the list of your questions – reply to your original purchase receipt email or use Contact Form (click here) .

9 – You will receive an email reply, usually in 2-3 days with the available time to call Fresco School for the consultation.

You can skip any of the steps except the first one 😉 . However, for the best value – be completely prepared – watch videos and paint a few practice pieces prior to call!

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