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Fresco painting plaster video tutorial by iLia Fresco (Anossov) ISBN 978-0-9822689-0-2

Fresco Plaster – Get it Right!
95% of failed fresco attempts are due to THE incorrectly prepared plaster.

Buon Fresco Painting Foundations Vol. 1 – Fresco Plaster DVD video introduces students to the foundational principles and techniques of the preparation and application of slaked lime plaster for True (Buon) Fresco Painting. Topics illustrated include the step-by-step process of plaster preparation filmed in real time without omissions. A student will be able to see exactly how long each step takes and what tools and methods each requires. iLia Anossov (fresco) guides the student by a thorough and clear demonstration of the foundations of calcium fresco plastering relevant to any size fresco.

  • Fresco Tools & Materials
  • Fresco Lime Putty
  • Plaster Ratios & Coats
  • Plaster Mixing & Application
  • Arriccio & Intonaco Coats
  • “Paint Ready” Tests
  • Storing Fresco Plaster

BFF Vol. 1 – Fresco Plaster is a detailed tutorial on the subject, This volume demonstrates in real-time principles and relationships between moisture, application and painting; size of the fresco, its style and the number and thickness of plaster layers relevant to its size and complexity. It addresses the painting time that is needed to complete a fresco and how to control the plaster to provide necessary “open time” using multiple plaster layers, known as scratch coat, brown coat, arriccio, intonaco. Among other parts, tutorial shows how to determine if the plaster is ready for painting – starting too early is the most common mistake.


Explore individual DVD video tutorials included in the set:

Plaster Cartoon Pigments Verdaccio Color

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