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Fresco painting verdaccio video tutorial by iLia Fresco (Anossov) ISBN 978-0-9822689-4-0

Verdaccio is an Italian name for the mixture of black and yellow pigments, resulting in a grayish or yellowish (depending on the proportion) soft greenish brown.

Buon Fresco Painting Foundations Vol. 1 – Fresco Painting – Verdaccio DVD video introduces the student to the foundational principles and techniques of Verdaccio Under-painting. Topics illustrated include the step-by-step process of transfer of the cartoon onto plaster, outlining, building of the values with verdaccio filmed in real time without omissions. Student will be able to see exactly how long each step takes and what tools and methods each requires. iLia Anossov (fresco) guides the student by thorough and clear demonstration of underpainting essential for fast and efficient building of the depth and clarity of the colors.

  • Principles of Under-painting
  • Under-painting Color
  • Verdaccio Color Variations
  • Process of Verdaccio Under-painting
  • Background Details
  • Highlights & Shadows
  • Adding Light & Shadow accents
  • Final Adjustments

Verdaccio became an integral part of the fresco painting, in which this color is used for defining the tonal values, forming a complete monochromatic under-painting. Often architectural details in frescoes are left in verdaccio without any additional color layers; a notable example is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, where verdaccio under-painting can be clearly seen, left as is on all of the architectural details of the composition.


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