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Fresco painting color video tutorial by iLia Fresco (Anossov) ISBN 978-0-9822689-5-7

Fresco is the medium of efficiency.
A medium which tecniques were refined over thousands of years of practice by virtually every culture starting from the beginning of time.

Buon Fresco Painting Foundations Vol. 1 – Fresco Painting – Color DVD video introduces the student to the foundational principles and techniques of True (Buon) Fresco Painting. Topics illustrated include the step-by-step process of applying color over verdaccio under-painting filmed in real time without omissions. Student will be able to see exactly how long each step takes and what tools and methods each requires. iLia Anossov (fresco) guides the student by thorough and clear demonstration of the foundations of painting on wet plaster relevant to any size fresco.

  • Base Colors
  • Building Color Tones
  • Opaque vs Transparent Color
  • Building Highlights
  • Adjusting Tone and Details
  • The “Golden Hour”
  • Adding Color to Shadows
  • Adding Highlight & Shadow Accents
  • Final Adjustments
  • The “Drying Challenge”

The techniques of painting on wet plaster have been developed and adjusted by every culture to fit their predominant styles resulting in a multitude of variations and systems specific to a particular aesthetics and/or time.

The most technically advanced and style-independent method, which is based on properties of the reflected light rather than a style or an aesthetic has been developed during the Western Renaissance. During that time the correlation between the value and form has been understood and utilized forming the principles of perspective, value range and tonal relationships.


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